January 2018 Newsletter

Big Mama - Hen and Chicks"Big Mama", oil on board, 45" x 40"

Susan von Borstel - January 2018 Newsletter







Flower Farm Cafe and Casque Wines

Come enjoy an afternoon at the Flower Farm

I've been busily painting these last few months and am pleased to invite you to take a peek at the results. Join us at the beautiful Flower Farm, 9280 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA. The Flower Farm Cafe walls and Casque Wines, a wine tasting venue, offer great spaces for my latest stone paintings and my new paintings on canvas. Lots of animal and bird pieces in the mix.

The exhibition is open now and runs until March 26 with the Celebration of the Arts, Sunday, March 25th from 1-4 in the afternoon. The other featured artist is Alice Shaw with her popular, whimsical animal paintings.

Please invite your friends and family. The Celebration of the Arts should be a great time for everyone. The Flower Farm is a wonderful spot for a get together or picnic. There will be wine tasting and munchies for all and pencils and paper for kids to draw their favorite things.

Surrounded by an orange orchard, the Flower Farm includes a bed and breakfast inn, a large barn for weddings and parties, a nursery, a pond, a boccie ball court, the cafe, the beautiful Casque Wines tasting room and more.

Hope to see you there!

A Light Snack A Light Snack
oil on granite, 30.5" x 23.5"
The patterns and colors in this piece of travertine suggested this contented pose.
Crow Poem
Two in Crow Poem, oil on canvas, 20" x 16"
I saw two crows dropping walnuts so cars could crack them open. They're great subjects to paint! You wonder what they know.






oil on canvas, 18" x 18"
My interest was in capturing movement, perspective, energy and the nobility of a wild horse.



oil on quartzite, 15.5" x 26.25"
This stone, with it's tree bark and lichens just asked for a woodland scene like this.

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